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Our arthritis finger support gloves provide mild compression to the metacarpals and phalanges, in order to increase hand mobility. These promote healing by increasing circulation to the area. Our Active Gloves are cotton material to ensure comfort and easy breathing of the skin. These form-fitting gloves are able to provide the right amount of compression ensuring sufficient blood circulation alleviating pain.


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With each of our products, we provide precise instructions to ensure correct wear as well as suggestions for their ideal use in daily activities. At Arthritis support, we deliver the best quality arthritis supports at affordable prices ensuring optimum assistance to our customers. Our orders are dispatched within 24 hours of placement and we guarantee the security of your shopping. For further inquiries please read our product blogs and reviews or contact our customer service.

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Arthritis Support Braces Aids & Splints

Arthritis is a group of conditions that cause damage to the joints in the body and can occur in many forms affecting nearly every joint in the body. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis and the most common form is osteoarthritis, or also known as degenerative joint disease. As there are no age, lifestyle or background restrictions for arthritis, anyone can develop this condition.

At Arthritis support, we provide a wide range of arthritis Supports & Aids that assist patients in their daily life, as approximately 15% of the Australian population suffer from this condition. Our products provide effective relief from painful symptoms allowing patients to carry out their day to day tasks with ease. Some common symptoms of arthritis include pain, stiffness, inflammation, joint weakness, damage to the joint and joint instability. These impact neck, shoulder, back, wrist and hands, hips, knees, and ankles and feet. We help alleviate these painful symptoms by providing arthritis supports such as knee support brace for arthritis, hand supports for arthritisarthritis finger support gloves and wrist and thumb support for arthritis.

Our knee support braces are comfortable to wear and allow effective pain relief by providing medial and lateral stability to the knee joint. We offer various sizes, including pediatric size, as well as adjustable straps in our products to ensure it is comfortable for all our customers. Knee support braces also vary in their design, ranging from open to cushioned patella designs.

Arthritis patients experiencing pain and inflammation in their hands can use our hand supports for arthritis. These have several features that function primarily to support hand function and relieve pain and swelling. We offer various forms of hand supports that may be specific to the site of injury such as DigiWrap for phalangeal support or gloves for full hand support.

We also provide wrist and thumb support for arthritis which compresses and stabilises the wrist joint without restricting movements and blood. SmartGlove is an example of wrist and thumb support for arthritis as it provides sufficient support to carpals whilst increasing comfort and circulation. These support also correct wrist position by cushioning the underside of the wrist. We offer sizes ranging from extra small to large ensuring its availability for all our customers.