The foot and ankle area is one of the most vulnerable areas of injuries. As the base, bearing the weight of your entire body and activities throughout the day, this area should be supported and protected. RehaCare’s provides a wide range of products related to foot and ankle support, focusing on rehabilitation, comfort and pain relief. Our range of NeoG, Nice Stretch and IMAK braces are all anatomically designed to provide stability and ensure effective compression of the injured area.

Our IMAK Arthritis Socks provide mild compression for warmth, improving circulation and providing immediate pain relief. Moreover, our ankle support compression wraps help support injured, weak or arthritic ankles during sporting or occupational activities. RehaCare’s collection of foot and ankle braces and supports contain a slimline and light weight design so you can wear it easily, and get back to your daily activities without any hassle. Our wide range ensures you will find the product just right for you so browse through our options of ankle and foot products today!

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  • BeneCast Advanced Casting Tape $140.00$180.00 Inc GST

    BeneCast -High quality, Advanced Casting Tape, Supplied as Box of 10 Rolls

  • BIOGEL Care – Gel Five Toe Separators $19.50 Inc GST
  • Bunion Correction System – Hallux Valgus Night Splint $24.95 Inc GST
    • Helps with discomfort, pressure and inflammation caused by bunions while you sleep
    • Helps reduce tendency towards bunion formation. Can be used pre or post operative
    • Adjustable splint helps control toe positioning whilst soft foam cushions the tender area
    • The product is adjustable, Universal Size (one size fits most) and is Unisex
  • Bunion Sleeve | The Original Ultra-Thin Bunion Corrector $40.00

    Treatment for bunions doesn’t have to involve surgery, consider all your options before you commit to drastic action. Bunion Sleeve is ideal for people suffering from mild to moderate bunions. This ultra-thin bunion corrector is lightweight and comfortable to wear with shoes, so you can go about your everyday life, free from pain. This orthopaedic product is ideal for active people looking for relief and is available in a variety of sizes, for both men and women.

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  • Airflow Ankle Support $24.95
    • Helps reduce symptoms of strains, sprains and instability of the ankle.
    • Helps support injured, weak or arthritic ankles during sporting or occupational activities.
    • Slimline and lightweight support with Multi Zone Compression provides a snug yet flexible fit, helping warm muscles.
    • Specialist breathable fabric helps control moisture during intense activities.
    • The support fits the Left or Right side and is Unisex.




    The Neo G Ankle Support with Figure of 8 Strap is designed to help provide dynamic support around the ankle complex. The adjustable figure of 8 strap helps provide added support and compression during sporting and occupational activities. The support helps to reduce excessive planterflexion as well as inversion and eversion of the ankle all of which are associated with ligamentous injuries and instability of the ankle. The durable, heat therapeutic neoprene helps warm muscles and joints, helping with arthritic ankles and chronic aches and stiffness.

  • Ankle Support Silicone $49.95


    • The Neo G Airflow Plus Ankle Support features silicone joint cushions on either side to help protect, support and reduce impact on the ankle joint.
    • Lightweight, breathable and seamless knit fabric provides Multi Zone Compression (MZC) for optimum fit, comfort and durability.
    • The product fits the Left or Right ankle and is Unisex.
    • Helps strains, sprains and instability. Helps support injured, weak or arthritic ankles.
    • Ideal for sports training and rehabilitation of sporting and occupational injuries whilst also helping reduce the likelihood of re-injury

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  • Bunion Correction System – Hallux Valgus Soft Support $24.95


    • Helps with discomfort, pressure and inflammation caused by bunions
    • Helps reduce tendency towards bunion formation.
    • Ideal use for post-surgery
    • Malleable metal splint can be bent to desired angle to help with big toe alignment
    • The product is adjustable, is of a Universal Size and is Unisex
  • DIGIWRAP TOO $19.00$84.00

    Key Benefits

    • Comfortable uniform compression
    • Latex-free
    • Convenient, cost effective method of “buddy splinting” without messy adhesive tape
    • Available in six sizes

    In stock

  • Heel Hugger with Gel & Magnents $40.00

    Heel Hugger®

    This therapeutic heel stabilizer with Sealed Ice® provides relief to heel pain and inflammatory problems of the calcaneous.

    Sewn-in Sealed Ice® gel pads, located on each side of calcaneous below the level of the talo-calcaneal joint, limit lateral and medial movement of heel and provide soothing cold therapy to reduce heel inflammation.Supportive neoprene material provides compression to control edema and absorbs shock from heel strike.

    Package contains ONE heel hugger.

    Effective Treatment For

    • relief of plantar fasciitis
    • heel contusions, irritation and blisters
    • calcaneal spurs and apophysitis
    • retrocalcaneal bursitis and spurs
    • achilles tendonitis
    • subtalar arthritis
    • narrow heels

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  • NICE STRETCH® 90 $98.00

    In stock



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  • NICE STRETCH® ORIGINAL $125.00$129.00


    • It was designed to encourage patient compliance with a lightweight and comfortable night splint
    • Coupling passive stretch capability with cold therapy to reduce inflammation, Nice Stretch® Original provides an improved treatment protocol for patients.
    • The product has low profile design folds compactly for transportability
    • Other features include Sealed Ice pack for cold therapy to reduce inflammation, toe lift for toe extension and additional stretch, midfoot strap to improve stretch and secure heel in boot and adjustable bilateral straps to provide continuous stretching of soft tissue
    • Effective treatment for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, plantar flexion contractures, and equinus or tight triceps surae
    • Fully adjustable tension straps
    • Soft, comfortable exterior
    • Removable ice pack and toe lift

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  • Nice Stretch® X $75.00

    Nice Stretch X is a patented, low profile night splint for patients with heel pain, especially the pain associated with first steps in the morning. Unique X-straps create dorsiflexion without discomfort. Soft design with encased stays allows limited ambulation during night, if needed. Boot folds and transports easily so treatment continues whether at home or away. Materials are not made with natural rubber latex.

  • Nice Stretch® X Lite $48.00

    Nice Stretch® X Lite

    Night time splint holds foot in a comfortable and neutral position, gently stretching the Plantar Fascia and the Achilles tendon during sleep.

  • Plantar Fasciitis Relief Kit $94.00

    The Nice Stretch Total Solution Plantar Fasciitis Relief Kit provides 24-hour support and pain relief for your ankle, arch and heel.

    It’s “round-the-clock treatment” for your Plantar Fasciitis pain.

  • Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve $27.00

    NICE STRETCH® Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve provides balanced compression and support to the ankle, arch and heel.

    Comfortable enough to wear the entire day, the Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve is enhanced with X-Stretch Technology to help distribute pressure more evenly across the foot.

    Who needs the Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve?
    Anyone seeking daytime relief from the pain of Plantar Fasciitis
    People who spend a lot of time on their feet
    People with high arches, flat feet or tightness in the Achilles’ tendon at the back of the heel

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    PERFORM 8â„¢

    Its lateral ankle stabilizer features a neoprene compression stocking coupled with nonelastic strapping that wraps in the figure 8.

    Perform 8â„¢ provides an easy to apply external stabilization similar to prophylactic ankle taping.

    A special design feature includes foam pads parallel to the Achilles tendon, providing protection and relieving posterior pressure.

    Effective treatment for chronic ankle sprains and weak ankles.

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  • Steady Step® Shin Sleeve $40.00

    Steady Step® Shin Sleeve™

    In stock


    Effective treatment for chronic heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, fat pad contusion or atrophy and calcaneal stress fracture.

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    Steady Step Walker is a patented device which offers a universal adjustable arch support, low profile rocker sole, shock absorbing foam insole and flexible locking tongue that enables stabilization of the ankle and lower leg. Unique ankle stabilization system firmly supports the arch, heel and maleoli. Quick step-in feature permits patients to enjoy the quick application, comfortable fit and ease of use. Rocker sole allows a natural gait to alleviate hip displacement.

    Key Benefits

    • Universal adjustable arch support
    • Low profile rocker sole
    • Easy and comfortable alternative to casting.
    • Shock absorbing foam insole and flexible locking tongue
    • Unique ankle stabilization system firmly supports the arch, heel and maleoli
    • Quick step-in feature permits patients to enjoy the quick application.
    • Rocker sole allows a natural gait to alleviate hip displacement.

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