Rehab and Therapy products are important in ensuring a quick and healthy recovery for injuries, particularly in post-surgery stages. Each of our products has a specific focus on recovering and supporting the body for effective recovery, with some of our popular rehabilitation products being exercise bands, arthritis gloves, and cold and therapy products.

RehaCare also provides high-quality physiotherapy products for clinic and hospitals. We offer a range of affordable disposable supplies to ensure therapists can help patients on the road to better health. Our range of ice wraps, including polar back wraps is effective in reducing pain and swelling, by delivering the benefits of cryotherapy. In addition, our vast range of Seal Tight cast protectors are safe, economical and cost effective products that protect post-surgery dressings in foot, calf and elbow areas.

Whether you’ve been injured or would like to support your body and relieve muscle tension, RehaCare’s extensive range of rehab and therapy products ensures that you will find just the right product you are looking for.

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