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Experience Rapid Hand Pain Relief Without a Visit to the Surgeon

CarpalAID is an Alternative Solution to Painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptom

  • No Steroids
  • No Need For Surgery
  • No Pain Killer
  • No Side Effects
  • No More Numbness
  • No Tingling Fingers
  • No More Downtime


CarpalAID, right where it hurts.

Our revolutionary patch helps relieve pressure on the median nerve
that is the cause of your pain.

CarpalAID Relieves Hand Pain


This process all started with my surgery. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands, so my doctor recommended the surgery for both.

I finally gave in and had the surgery on my right hand. It was very messy and uncomfortable for me. I was still thinking about having the other hand done, but I was not pleased with the prospect of going through that painful surgery again.

One night I was reading about carpal tunnel syndrome; about the anatomy, and the functionality.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is pressure on the median nerve that runs from the arm to the hand. Many people suffer from it, including dentists, hair stylists, contractors, office workers, pregnant mothers, and more.

As a long time engineer and product developer holding several patents, I was curious about HOW to fix this problem — “The Mechanics.”

I thought long and hard about it and decided that maybe there was a way to lift and/or remove the pressure from the median nerve to relieve the pain.

So then came the experiment: I put some adhesive on my palm with a piece of cardboard, and then I start pulling it out to relieve the pressure. IT ACTUALLY WORKED – it was 2 o’clock in the morning – and amazingly, in a few minutes, the pain was GONE.

So, the very next day, I was thinking about the practical way of making this work. After a bit of thinking and trial and error I came up with this idea to use a particular type of plastic “ with memory” making it kind of concave and applying a medical grade adhesive. I tried more then THIRTY types of adhesive – And then I hit pay dirt I found the one that works best. It’s a 3M specialty medical grade tape that really sticks.

I used this “prototype” every night or every other night and pretty soon I didn’t have the problem. Today two years later I use the actual production CarpalAID patch maybe once or twice a month. It sure beats surgery

Well back to my engineering background, I wanted to find a scientific reason why this works so well. I met a doctor who is the chief hand surgeon at one of the largest medical institutes in Southern California. He did an MRI both before and after the CarpalAID’s use and was amazed by the results lifting the soft tissue 3mm and releasing the pressure from the Median nerve.

I then decided to have a clinical test done by an independent organization that conducts these tests and WOW the results were amazing. Over 70% of the people in the trial had the same results as I did the pain was gone. As you may know if more than 50% of people have the positive result, the product is a major hit.

My personal mission is to help people to avoid surgery by using CarpalAID, which in my opinion, as well as several others is that CarpalAID is the only product on the market today that works directly on carpal tunnel syndrome to relieve the pain.

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and FAQs

What Exactly is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that affects the hand and wrist. Carpal tunnel symptoms include numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand, wrist, or fingers. 

Carpal Tunnel syndrome symptoms

Carpal tunnel symptoms include numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand, wrist, or fingers.

The carpal tunnel is an area or tunnel within the wrist. This tunnel is surrounded by wrist bones as well as by a rigid ligament linking the bones together.

The flexing tendons of the fingers, thumb and the median nerve are also within the carpal tunnel. 

The median nerve is what carries signals from the brain to the hand to control movement and relay information about temperature, touch and, unfortunately, hand pain. It also controls sweating of the hand. 

The median nerve also controls the thumb, index, and middle and ring finger.

Swelling of the tendons from overuse or repeated motion reduces space within the carpal tunnel and squeezes the median nerve. This causes feelings of numbness, terrible pain, tingling and weakness in the affected hand, fingers or wrist. 

In some cases, carpal tunnel can affect the upper arm.

Why Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Happen in the First Place?

carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms

Every time the wrist bends or the fingers move, muscles and tendons are used. Tendons within the hand are surrounded by sheaths, or protective coverings, that produce a slippery fluid which helps to lubricate the tendons. The lubrication is necessary in order for the tendons to have smooth and normal functioning.

Repetitive or excessive motion can reduce the production or quality of the fluid produced by the tendon sheaths. Improperly lubricated tendons cause friction and swelling of the tendon area resulting in swelling of the median nerve. The swelling can cause fibrous tissue to form, thickening the tendon sheath, reducing tendon movement and causing often excruciating hand pain.   

Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome be Cured?

Carpal tunnel syndrome cannot be cured. However, there are temporary ways to alleviate your hand or wrist pain, including resting the affected hand, taking anti-inflammatory medications, getting steroid injections, using NSAIDs, applying cold packs, or a using a hand brace or splint to restrict movement of the hand and wrist. 

Sometimes physicians may suggest surgery, a painful and expensive operation to cut the ligament that is pressing on the median nerve.

There is also CarpalAID, an easy, economical way to help alleviate or lessen hand pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome without invasive surgery.

Is Arthritis Caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Arthritis can mimic carpal tunnel symptoms. However, while arthritis is also painful and possibly caused by a medical problem such as rheumatoid arthritis, in general, it is not caused by or the same thing as carpal tunnel syndrome. Getting a proper diagnosis by your doctor is important to determine whether you have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the Same Thing as Wrist Tendonitis?

Although possibly exhibiting similar symptoms, carpal tunnel syndrome is not tendonitis.

Is Carpal Tunnel Related to Gout?

There is some thought that for some carpal tunnel sufferers, gout may be a contributing factor. Only your medical professional can tell you for certain. It is recommended to get a physician’s help to correctly diagnose.

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Preventable?

Sometimes losing weight may help lessen carpal tunnel symptoms. Also, getting proper medical treatment for any underlying conditions, such as diabetes, that may be causing your carpal tunnel syndrome pain is important. 

Good posture and proper ergonomics while working can also help prevent hand pain and wrist discomfort. If you work with your hands on a repetitive basis, try not to twist, bend or extend your hands for long periods of time. 

Keep your arms and hands at a comfortable distance from your body. Try not to rest your hands or wrists on hard surfaces for too long, and switch hands if possible, taking regular breaks. 

Use a wrist gel rest if you use the computer all day, and try to make sure your work chair keeps your forearms level with the keyboard so you are not flexing your wrists.

What Are the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Are There Tests for Carpal Tunnel?

carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms

Extreme hand pain or wrist pain can be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel symptoms range from tingling to extreme pain. When you see your doctor or other medical professionals, you will be asked about your symptoms and what exacerbates the pain for you. 

When the doctor taps on the inside of your wrist, you may feel a tingling or electric shock sort of pain. Your doctor may ask you to bend your wrist down for a minute or so to see if this causes any further signs of discomfort or pain. 

A physician may also do a nerve conduction test or electromyography and nerve conduction velocity tests on the hand to determine whether the muscles and nerves are presenting the typical effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. Even then, it is not an exact diagnosis.

Why am I Suddenly Having Hand Pain? 

There may be an underlying medical cause for your sudden onset of carpal tunnel pain. 

It could be the result of years of overuse of the wrists and hands (grocery checkers, computer users, carpenters or the like), or it could be caused as a result of an illness such as gout, diabetes, thyroid problems or rheumatoid arthritis. Only a medical professional can tell with any certainty.

I Am Pregnant and My Doctor Says I Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I Don’t Want Surgery and I Want to Be Able to Hold My Baby. What Can I Do?

Sometimes a pregnancy may bring on carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. The good news is this usually disappears after the baby is born. But just to make sure, ask your doctor or another medical professional.

In the meantime, during your pregnancy, you can safely use CarpalAID to relieve your hand or wrist pain. The small plastic hand patch does not have medication or drugs of any kind. It can be worn overnight, and you’ll wake up pain-free!

CarpalAID - The Hand Pain Solution

CarpalAID is a small plastic hand patch worn on the palm of the hand.

Is Surgery Effective? How Long is Recovery After Hand Surgery? 

Oftentimes, doctors will recommend surgery to relieve carpal tunnel symptoms. However, surgery is expensive and is priced per hand

It may take a number of weeks or even months to regain normal use of your hand and wrist after the surgery. 

Your livelihood may be affected if you use your hands for work as the recovery time after surgery is lengthy.

Does Acupuncture Help with Carpal Tunnel Pain?

Acupuncture may help reduce pain and increase the mobility of your hand or wrist. 

Acupuncture may also help speed up the recovery process after hand surgery and may help you to regain full use of the affected hand more quickly.

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Genetic? 

In some cases, carpal tunnel syndrome has been shown to be hereditary, but that is not always the case.

Do Splints or Hand Braces Help?

Some people get relief when they use a wrist splint or hand brace. However, hand braces can be uncomfortable, not particularly attractive and are not a permanent solution. 

Take it off and the pain from the years of repetitive motion returns.

Do Anti-inflammatory Over-the-Counter Drugs Help?

In some cases, NSAIDs can temporarily help alleviate pain from carpal syndrome but, like hand braces, it is not permanent. It can help reduce swelling but does not treat the condition itself. 

Even steroid shots in the affected area are not a permanent solution – the pain usually returns after 4 to 6 weeks.

Are There Exercises to Make My Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Go Away?

Massage, including deep tissue massage of the wrist and hand area, may help with your hand pain, but they cannot cure carpal tunnel syndrome. It temporarily treats the pain. 

Hand, wrist and finger exercises may help. Ask your medical professional.

Will Both Hands Be Affected?

Not necessarily but it is possible, especially if you use both hands equally and in the same manner. If there is an underlying medical condition, you are more likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome in the other hand.

Sometimes I Get Horrible Hand Pain at Night.  Is That Normal?

It is not typical but many people do report hand pain worsening while sleeping. This may be the result of restricted blood circulation to the hand because of injured tissue, pressure on the affected hand/wrist, or lymphatic fluid slowing down due to less muscle movement at night.


What is CarpalAID?

CarpalAID is a specially designed strip that adheres to the palm of the affected hand using 3M medical grade adhesive which pull up the skin of the palm of the hand along with the underneath soft tissue (negative pressure) and release the pressure on the Median nerve and relieve the pain.   

Why is CarpalAID different from other supposed treatments?

CarpalAID is quite different from any other devices currently available in the marketplace and is the only product that works directly on carpal tunnel syndrome.

Braces, gloves and splints are just for wrapping or immobilizing the hand and has nothing to do with relieving the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

NSAIDs may help to temporarily relieve pain because they work to reduce swelling but long-term use of NSAIDs because of the side effects is not recommended.

Steroid injections generally work to relieve the pain but the result may not be immediate and the injection will need to be repeated as often as safe and practicable or as recommended by your medical practitioner. 

Is there any medication on a Carpal AID strip?

There is no medication of any type on CarpalAID. It works by creating a negative pressure on Median nerve and relieves the excruciating pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Can I resume my work when I’m wearing CarpalAID?

Yes! Once properly positioned on the palm of the affected hand, you will find that the same motions that caused you the pain will not any longer.  You can also, just wear it at night most people do that as to not interfere with their daily activities.  Just make sure that it stays dry so as to remain in place for it to work properly. 

Can I bathe or swim when I’m wearing CarpalAID?

It is best to try to limit exposure to water or other liquids during the period you are wearing the CarpalAID strip. If it does get wet to the point of coming off, simply remove, wash and dry your hands very well and apply a new strip.

How many days will I have to wear it before I feel relief?

First of all, you can wear it any time you feel pain, in the first 10 to 20 minutes you should feel the difference.   Complete relief depends on the seriousness of your carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases people report that wearing it overnight they have no pain the following day.  By just using the product for only a few weeks you may not need to wear every night… two  to three times a week might be enough.  Just please make sure to locate the patch in the right place of your palm as shown on the diagram. Consecutive days, and then every other day and then once a week, etc., may do the trick for you. Continue to apply if you feel the pain starting to reappear. See what works for your particular situation and your pain tolerance. For better directions how to apply the CarpalAID strip properly, watch the video on the website.

Does CarpalAID cure carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome cannot be cured; however, there are temporary ways including resting the affected hand, taking anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) or steroid injections, the use of cold packs, or a splint to restrict movement of the hand. Any of these may give some short lasting relief but compare to all others Carpal Aid is the simplest and most effective way to get the temporary relief, in extremely difficult cases, physicians may suggest surgery.

Is CarpalAID safe?

CarpalAID is recognized to be safe for most people. There are no drugs involved and it is not an invasive treatment to help alleviate the pain, the adhesive is used on CarpalAID is a 3M medical grade however 3 percent of people may be allergic some type of adhesive. 

In our clinical study, the results were amazing. 70% of the people in the trial had fantastic, pain alleviating results. It is generally recognized that in most trials, if there is only 50% success that product is a huge winner! You need to try it to see if it helps relieve your pain.

How do I apply CarpalAID? When I use CarpalAID is there anything that I need to do before applying it?

Please  wash and dry the hand thoroughly. It is a good idea to wipe the palms with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue from soap or sweat

Place the CarpalAID disposable patch on the lower palm of the hand (see diagram).

It is best to use CarpalAID at night when the hands are not being used.How to apply CarpalAID for carpal tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel treatment

It is recommended to use CarpalAID continuously for the first week. With time, your patient won’t need to use the hand patch as frequently. The exception is if they continue to sustain carpal tunnel injury through the same repetitive motion that caused CTS in the first place. Following best ergonomic practices when at work, and doing hand and wrist exercises and stretches can help prevent re-injury.

Most users report experiencing the positive effects of CarpalAID within the first half-hour of usage.

Have there been any clinical studies on Carpal AID?

Yes! We had a clinical study done and the result was quite astounding. 70% of the people in the trial had fantastic results and were thrilled because they found relief. Generally, in clinical trials, if there is only a 50% rate of success, the product is considered a huge winner.

How was CarpalAID invented?

The inventor of CarpalAID is a product developer and as a carpal tunnel syndrome sufferer, he developed this patch for himself, several years ago he had surgery on his right hand to eliminate the tremendous pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.  His doctor recommended that he have surgery on his left hand as well.  Having such a horrible experience with the first surgery, he decided to find a way to release the pressure from Median nerve and relief the pain.  after several attempts he finally came up with a patch which does the job and so, CarpalAID was created.

For a few years he was just using the patch for himself and sharing it with a few friends who were suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.  Since there are SO many carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers, he decided to share his invention to help people avoid this surgery and relieve their pain.

To this day he is so grateful and self-satisfied that he is able to share this revolutionary device with people all over the world.

Can the CarpalAID patch be worn during the daytime? 

The CarpalAID patch could be worn anytime that you feel pain.

Does CarpalAID come in different sizes? 

CarpalAID comes in two sizes, for smaller hands and for larger hands.  Both sizes work identically the same!  If you get the wrong size, don’t worry it will still work perfectly.  Some women with smaller hands complain that the patch overlaps their hands.  That is why we made a smaller version. Smaller hands can also wear the larger size. It is just a preference either way. 

Is there a Right Hand and a Left Hand Version of CarpalAID?

NO CarpalAID works identically on both hands.

Can I open and close my hand while I am wearing the CarpalAID patch?

Absolutely, it will actually multiple the effectiveness of the patch, by closing your hand you are increasing the negative pressure and it helps to relieve the pain faster.

Is it comfortable to wear the CarpalAID patch overnight?

Yes, as soon as you apply it, you do not feel that you have anything in your palm.  The result is a deep and comfortable sleep… All night long

A post market Study of CarpelAID device was conducted by NAMSA. Below is the link for details

CarpalAID Clinical Trial

Carpal AID Videos

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